Where to Test Your Page Load Speed?

Common consideration can and should be given to your page load speed in today’s online environment. I would urge this on site owners for two main reasons:

  • Broadband: Many Internet users have access to at least to minimal broadband speeds and with this we don’t wait for pages to load.
  • Google: Google has announced that page load speed is a ranking factor in the search algorithm. So tuning up your site could help give you a nudge over your competition.

OK. I get it. So where can I test my page load speed?


Recommended Android Apps

A list of Andriod Apps that I would recommend, or at least suggest you give a look. I will preface this with the notion that this list is tailored to my needs and uses with my Android smartphone.

Along with this list on my blog, I have also started a Recommended Android Apps board on Pinterest┬áto share, and let others share, their recommendations. Give me a shout if you want to be a contributor to the Pinterest board. (more…)

Easiest Way To Find My Public IP Address

Ever just wonder about or need your public IP address, but your were not sure how and where to find it?

Enter Google Search

To find your public IP address follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit Google Search at www.google.com
  2. Search for the phrase “my ip”

That’s It!

Your public IP address will be display in bold type above the search results (beginning with the phrase “Your public IP address is“). This is just one of the many hidden uses of the Google Search box.

I must concede that there are a number of ways, outside of Google Search, to find your public IP address. I just thought the familiarity with Google might make this the easier for someone.