I am currently in the process of evaluating two services that utilize an RSS feed to auto post my blog entries to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I am evaluating 3rd party services because I wasn’t looking for a WordPress plugin. Having too many plugins just increase the overhead in your WordPress site and can lead to sluggish performance.

twitterfeedMy search first took me towards Twitterfeed is a great tool to use and works very well.  It incorporates some a solid feature set:

  • RSS check frequency
  • integration
  • tracking
  • dashboard
  • include prefix and suffix text with post

For the past few weeks I have used Twitterfeed publish to Twitter and Facebook, but not LinkedIn. Since I am active on all 3 social media sites, the lack of LinkedIn was a shortcoming in this service.

dlvr.itThe next step in my journey led me to, currently in Beta, is a service very similar to Twitterfeed. It’s feature set includes:

  • ability to configure “Routes”
  • scheduling
  • RSS check frequency
  • integration
  • tracking
  • dashboard
  • include prefix and suffix text with post
  • hashtag support
  • diverse set of social networks to publish on

The big advantage to me is posting to LinkedIn. I am active on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Relying on the WordPress widget on LinkedIn just isn’t reliable to distribute content. Many people utilize apps and feeds to monitor social media sites and that WordPress widget only showed on my profile page.

I will be kicking the tires on over the coming weeks and will follow up with a blog post on which service I prefer and why.

How To Embed A Vimeo Video in a Site? Hosted SiteI was recently asked by a friend to assist with some troubles on their site regarding embedding video. Now when it comes to embedding video from YouTube, we all know that you have to paste the embed code into “HTML” tab in your WordPress editor. Otherwise WordPress tries to “fix” the copy and will break the embed code. For the number 2 video site on the web, Vimeo, you would like to think the embedding process would be similar. Well unfortunately that thought is wrong!

So let get to it. How do you embed a Vimeo video into a blog post on a hosted blog?

For a hosted blog, the answer is a shortcode.

[vimeo 123456]

Using the above shortcode (replacing 123456 with the actual id of the video) you can embed a Vimeo video into the blog post. The shortcode is not view specific. So you can enter it from the “Visual” or “HTML” tab. A simple solution to a mega problem.

Note: the shortcode is not core functionality in a self hosted WordPress. A plugin and theme alteration would be required for a self hosted install.

A thanks to @DanaMNelson for sparking this conversation point.

Where To Get the Tweet Button?

With the recent launch of the “new” Twitter, the developers are Twitter also launch some resources for website owners to use. The resources are two fold for Twitter. One, it makes the presence or twitter more consistent across the web. Two, it makes it easier for site owners to use, and promote, Twitter from all over the web.

The new “Tweet Button” has 3 options to choose from and some customization options. The 3 button layouts are:

a) Vertical Tweet Button with Count

b) Horizontal Tweet Button with Count

c) Tweet Button

Twitter’s tool to customize the tweet button is clean, user friendly and easy to use. Customize a tweet button for your website at