How to Block Pinterest

no pinning on Pinterest

How can I block Pinterest from pinning my images?

Block Pinterest? Inconceivable, right? Well maybe not exactly true. Pinterest can be a great source of referral traffic and interest to your site, but it could be pretty intrusive to a copyright or imagery that you may not want in the “Pinned” community.

So if you are a user that would like to block Pinterest from pinning images from your website you can add the following meta tag to your header:

<meta name="pinterest" content="nopin" />

With this code in your HTML you can block pinning from your website. If a users tries to pin your image(s), they will receive a message like so:

“This site doesn’t allow pinning to Pinterest. Please contact the owner with any questions. Thanks for visiting!”

Do you block Pinterest from your images?

  • Is there any way to block Pinterest if you have a WordPress blog that has a custom domain but not separate hosting?

    • eppand

      1) Since hosted sites don’t let you edit the files you would have to try a plugin route to block all images.

      Here are two that look promising: 

      Would be interesting to see if either works on hosted site.

      2) It looks like there is support for blocking images on a per image level by adding a nopin=”nopin” attribute the your tag:

      You would have to add that from the HTML view in your editor.

  • Ken

    Does that code actually stop them, or just warn them?

    I uploaded the NoPIN plugin the other day and yet pinning of our blog’s photos at continues.

    I know we get exposure from it, but the pinners are actually rebuilding our blog one photo at a time over on Pintrest!

    • eppand

      Ken, In Chrome, the meta tag blocks Pinterest from pinning via the Pinterest bookmarklet and the Add button on I haven’t tested across all browser.

      However, you can view source and get that photo URL and pin it directly with the Add button on The meta data does not stop pinning if absolute to the image. I tested this against your domain.

      The meta data also won’t remove pins that were previously added to Pinterest.

  • wolftimber

    I certainly DO block them, I do not want my images cached on their site so they make money off MY work displaying them there!