How To Embed A Vimeo Video in a Site? Hosted SiteI was recently asked by a friend to assist with some troubles on their site regarding embedding video. Now when it comes to embedding video from YouTube, we all know that you have to paste the embed code into “HTML” tab in your WordPress editor. Otherwise WordPress tries to “fix” the copy and will break the embed code. For the number 2 video site on the web, Vimeo, you would like to think the embedding process would be similar. Well unfortunately that thought is wrong!

So let get to it. How do you embed a Vimeo video into a blog post on a hosted blog?

For a hosted blog, the answer is a shortcode.

[vimeo 123456]

Using the above shortcode (replacing 123456 with the actual id of the video) you can embed a Vimeo video into the blog post. The shortcode is not view specific. So you can enter it from the “Visual” or “HTML” tab. A simple solution to a mega problem.

Note: the shortcode is not core functionality in a self hosted WordPress. A plugin and theme alteration would be required for a self hosted install.

A thanks to @DanaMNelson for sparking this conversation point.

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