How To Update Facebook Open Graph Cache

Have you ever tried to post a link to your content on Facebook only to realize that an image is missing or the description isn’t there?

Naturally, you go back to your edit your article and add the missing content. Then you head back to Facebook and try to post the link. What, Facebook still isn’t showing the new content? Why? It is caching the Open Graph data!

How can you get Facebook to update cache data on a link?

  1. Go to the Facebook Open Graph debugger (
  2. Enter the URL of your link and click Debug
  3. Verify that the updated content is being fetched by Facebook in the “Object Properties” area
  4. If the new content is there, return to Facebook to add your link

In my experience this process has updated the Open Graph cache on Facebook every time.

Disclaimer: this is not a documented process by Facebook.

What is Open Graph?

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  • It works great, I wish there was an equivalent for G+. That cache seems to get stuck also. For now, I just try to post to FB first and make sure it is to my liking before going to Google+.

  • Ehren Reilly

    Thank you so much. I had been plagued by this problem for days and days. It’s so weird that Facebook doesn’t have an official process for this.

  • Harjinder Singh

    What is caching delay for updates? I updated OG tags on a site; however, Facebook is still pulling the old data.

    • eppand

      I don’t know the time frame but using the tool will help to clear the cache that Facebook has for the URL.

  • Gracias lo intentare, es todo un show xD