Internet Usage in 2010

The recent events in Egypt got me to thinking… “Just how much do people use the Internet?

Well here are some 2010 usage stats for you: _as I find them interesting_

  • 107 trillion emails in 2010
  • Approximately 262 billion spam email messages per day
  • 255 million websites online in 2010
  • Nearly 60% of the web servers are Apache
  • 2 billion Internet users worldwide (14% increase from last year)
  • Asia makes up the largest share at 42% of the Internet users (North America is #3)
  • Internet Explorer still holds the #1 browser title with 46% market share. Firefox and Chrome round out the top 3
  • 35 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube each minute.
  • 3000 images are uploaded to Flickr each minute

These numbers (and more) were reported in a recent post by Royal Pingdom.