jQuery 2.0 Will Not Support IE 6, IE 7, or IE 8.

jQuery 2.0 has been released!

Wow this is some exciting news. jQuery is a fantastic javascript library that enables developers from all walks of life. But before you jump in all guns-a-blazin’ to attack some code with jQuery 2.0, you should take note of the supported browsers.

jQuery 2.0 drops support for IE 6, IE 7, and IE 8

As promised, this version leaves behind the older Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8 browsers.

I first picked up this insight from @jeresig on Twitter.

jQuery 2.0 will not support IE6/7/8

As a developer I do welcome the exile of older version of IE. However, this does create potential cross browser support issues if you don’t know your intended audience / platform. Like John states in his Tweet,

Context matters!

See the full jQuery 2.0 official announcement here.

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