Rackspace Cloud Sites File Manager

I was recently updating a website hosted on the Cloud Sites infrastructure at Rackspace and ran across an inconsistency with the documentation I was finding online and what I was seeing in the control panel.

rackspace cloud sites

Using the File Manager

I needed to update a single file on a website and was already logged into the control panel. I thought that I would just use the “File Manager” tool from the control panel (which I had read about) and this would¬†save me the time of not opening up an FTP connection. I searched the control panel navigation to no avail. So I reached out to Rackspace¬†online chat (BTW, I have been nothing but pleased with Rackspace’s support channels) to find an answer.

Where can I find the File Manager in the Cloud Sites control panel?

The answer is you can’t find the File Manager. Shane in tech support instructed me that Rackspace has “disabled the File Manager on the Cloud Sites product and does not have a time frame to add that feature back”.

So for those on the Cloud Sites infrastructure… FTP is your only method of file management.