Recommended Android Apps

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A list of Andriod Apps that I would recommend, or at least suggest you give a look. I will preface this with the notion that this list is tailored to my needs and uses with my Android smartphone.

Along with this list on my blog, I have also started a Recommended Android Apps board on Pinterest to share, and let others share, their recommendations. Give me a shout if you want to be a contributor to the Pinterest board.


evernote for android

Evernote is a great tool that lets you store just about everything and anything in the cloud – giving you access to it anywhere with an Internet connection. I use Evernote has a handy tool to store code snippets and reusable elements to save me time. Free and paid versions are available.

Evernote in the Android Market


springpad for android

Much like the previous note tool, Springpad stores most anything to the cloud allowing you to access it from anywhere. Spingpad offers a different user interface than Evernote. I use Springpad to store different types of notes than those that I store in other clouds.

Springpad in the Android Market


facebook for android

Do I need to explain Facebook? With 800 million users – I think no. Recent updates to the Android App have made it a very usable mobile interface for

Facebook in the Android Market


twitter for android

There are lots of Apps and tools to access and use Twitter, but I must say, the “Official Twitter App for Android” does a marvelous job. It is easy to use, has a clean interface and allows you to manage multiple accounts. This App does Twitter, and does it well. The little birdie says, you can follow me (@eppand).

Twitter in the Android Market


linkedin for android

The LinkedIn App has gotten much better in recent updates. It provides good, on the go access to your LinkedIn account. You can access your inbox, groups, find connections, and more. This is a respectable App to get more out of LinkedIn account. On LinkedIn? Let’s connect (eppand).

LinkedIn in the Android Market


Google+ for android

A great interface to your Google+ account while you are on the go. Are you on Google plus? Add me to a circle (eppand).

Google+ in the Android Market


wunderlist for android

Wunderlist is a to task list App that is simple and clean. You can organize your lists and synchronize them with your free Wunderlist account. Wunderlist also has Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Web platforms; thus, allowing you to sync and access your lists from anywhere. I like that Wunderlist is a straight forward, to-do list App. It doesn’t try to be everything for everyone.

Wunderlist in the Android Market


feedly for android

Perhaps my most favorite App! Feedly has changed the way that I consume information from websites. Feedly syncs with your Google Reader account to access your RSS subscriptions and present your them in a consumable interface. Feedly syncs across multiple platforms to keep you on track with what you read, save, and share. I easily consume information from about 4 times as many sites and blogs as I did prior to feedly. Hands down this is a must have App for anyone that subscribes to RSS. Feedly integrates with Google Reader, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Read it Later and Instapaper.

Feedly in the Android Market


wordpress for android

Anyone that knows me knows how positively I think of WordPress. Thankfully recent updates to the WordPress for Android App finally make it a usable medium to manage your WordPress site(s) from an Android device. The App supports both sites and self-hosted WordPress sites. So if you run a WordPress site and ever find yourself needed to write new posts, edit content, or manage comments on the go, then you should give this App a try. You can manage multiple sites with the WordPress App.

WordPress in the Android Market


Any.DO for android

Any.DO is a new app for me but it did make the list. Any.DO is a to-do list app that is simple, easy, and clean. It has some clever features like a missed call popup notification. I am an avid tester of to-do list apps and have been impressed with this one. The description for the Any.DO App says it best, “easily capture, organize, & share all the things you need to do. It’s free, simple & fun!”

Any.DO in the Android Market


espn scorecenter for android

Yes, I am an BIG sports fan and this App lets me stay up to date on scores and news from my favorite teams. The app recently brought back notifications and the interface is second to none (compared to other sports news apps). The ScoreCenter App is free.

ScoreCenter in the Android Market


pandora for android

Who doesn’t love music, right? Pandora is a great App to stream music to your 3G or 4G device. The free account lets you stream music with a minimal amount of ads. The paid version removes the ads. You can create stations based upon an artist or song, plus listen to present stations provided by Pandora. The beauty here, is that Pandora is a web-based service, so you can access Pandora from your desktop/laptop and sync it to your account so your configurations and music preferences are with you whenever you want to jam.

Pandora in the Android Market


mailchimp for android

MailChimp is a email marketing tool that has some great features. The MailChimp Android App lets you add new subscribers, manage lists and view reports. The App is free and gives some good quick access to your email marketing data while you are on the go.

MailChimp in the Android Market


yelp for android

Using the Yelp App is a bit new to me, but I did wanted to include it in my list. It offers check-ins plus allows you to access reviews, details about the location and a one-click push to call functionality. You can never under estimate the power of a review.

Yelp in the Android Market


foursquare for android

Ahh the join of geo-locating social services. Foursquare is a great tool to interact with your friends, but it also provides you with some money saving options. Businesses can offer specials for those that “check-in”. It’s not uncommon to see save 20% or $10 off $25. Restaurants often toss in a free appetizer. Best part about using Foursquare to save money, it’s FREE.

Foursquare in the Android Market


zdbox for android

I use ZDbox primarily as an task killer to help free up memory on my Android smartphone. ZDbox does have something extra in it and that is why I use it over other task killer Apps. It allows me to create a “Do Not Disturb” mode so my phone notifications can relax. This really does come in handy, because my phone chirps, beeps, dings, rings, buzzes, ripples and vibrates. I have unique notification sounds for just about every App that I use. So when it’s time to hush those noises, I can start DND. DND can also be configured to specific start and end time.

ZDbox in the Android Market


dropbox for android

Dropbox allows you to store files in the cloud. The Dropbox Android App gives you a nice, clean interface to access what is stored and shared with your Dropbox account. Keep files with you, where ever you go, with Dropbox for Android.

Dropbox in the Android Market


swipepad for android

Swipepad allows you to create a “hotspot” on your screen that you “swipe” to access shortcuts of up to 12 Apps. I find this useful to jump between apps. It is certainly not uncommon for me to have 10 – 15 apps running at any given time. Swipepad saves me touches and time.

SwipePad in the Android Market

Do you have other Android Apps to recommend?

Comment below to share any android apps that are missing from the list. Everybody loves a a good share.