Easiest Way To Find My Public IP Address

Ever just wonder about or need your public IP address, but your were not sure how and where to find it?

Enter Google Search

To find your public IP address follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit Google Search at www.google.com
  2. Search for the phrase “my ip”

That’s It!

Your public IP address will be display in bold type above the search results (beginning with the phrase “Your public IP address is“). This is just one of the many hidden uses of the Google Search box.

I must concede that there are a number of ways, outside of Google Search, to find your public IP address. I just thought the familiarity with Google might make this the easier for someone.

Internet Usage in 2010

The recent events in Egypt got me to thinking… “Just how much do people use the Internet?

Well here are some 2010 usage stats for you: _as I find them interesting_

  • 107 trillion emails in 2010
  • Approximately¬†262 billion¬†spam email messages per day
  • 255 million websites online in 2010
  • Nearly 60% of the web servers are Apache
  • 2 billion Internet users worldwide (14% increase from last year)
  • Asia makes up the largest share at 42% of the Internet users (North America is #3)
  • Internet Explorer still holds the #1 browser title with 46% market share. Firefox and Chrome round out the top 3
  • 35 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube each minute.
  • 3000 images are uploaded to Flickr each minute

These numbers (and more) were reported in a recent post by Royal Pingdom.