Twitter Listens and Updates iPhone App

Twitter recently announced an update to their iPhone app that made changes in a direct response to user feedback.

No More Twitter Quick Bar

To much jubilation, the Quick Bar was removed from the feed view. The release that introduced the Quick Bar created quite a stir in the Twitter app community. With minimal screen real estate, users wanted their content on the screen and not suggested content.

Retweet and Quote Tweet together at last.

The Twitter app also introduces a nice adjust to the user interface. The app now organizes the Retweet and Quote Tweet functionality into the same menu item. This change makes usability sense as twitter suggests the Quote Tweet functionality as the
best practice means to share someone’s Tweet while adding your own comments. Possibly to the dismay of Twitter most users still use the Retweet function to share and contribute, so to satisfy user adoption this user interface move works.

To access the menu item select the cycling arrows from the tweet action menu.

twitter for iphone

Under that menu item is where the user now selects the desired sharing method; Retweet or Quote Tweet.

twitter for iphone app

Communication Error with WordPress iOS iPhone App

I ran into a frustrating issue with recent efforts to add additional blogs to my iPhone WordPress app.

When trying to add the blog, I would get it to authenticate in the “Add Blog” section; however when I tried to connect to the blog I would get a “Communication Error. bad username or password” error message. Specs on the configurations are WordPress 3.0.1 and iOS WordPress v2.6.3. My research in the WordPress forums uncovered this to be a known bug (albeit hard to reproduce and resolve) in the iOS WordPress app. User comments included various efforts to resolve the problem. The steps I walked through to get a resolution are outlined below.

My failed attempts to resolve this issue included:

  1. Removing and re-adding the blog in the WordPress iPhone app.
  2. Verifying correct username/password combination and changing the password.
  3. Verify in wp-admin (under Settings > Writing) that Atom Publishing Protocol and XML-RPC are enabled for the blog.
  4. Using both the and in the URL field of the “Add Blog” form of the iPhone App.
  5. Including “/wp-admin” in the blog URL in the “Add Blog” form of the iPhone App.

The Solution:

After some time and effort reviewing numerous forum posts to find a solution I ran across a user suggesting to include the path to the xmlprc file on the website. For my efforts here the “Add Blog” fields on the WordPress iPhone app were the following:

  • URL:
  • Username: admin_username
  • Password: site_password
  • XML-RPC:

Note: adding “/wp-admin” the the domain in the URL field enabled visibility of the XML-RPC fields for me to add the absolute path to the file on the wordpress install.

Why does this work? I don’t really have a great explanation. I just thought that because I struggled so much in authenticating a blog that I might save someone time and effort by posting/sharing my experience here.