Where to Test Your Page Load Speed?

page speed

Common consideration can and should be given to your page load speed in today’s online environment. I would urge this on site owners for two main reasons:

  • Broadband: Many Internet users have access to at least to minimal broadband speeds and with this we don’t wait for pages to load.
  • Google: Google has announced that page load speed is a ranking factor in the search algorithm. So tuning up your site could help give you a nudge over your competition.

OK. I get it. So where can I test my page load speed?

Lucky for us there are many great resources online to help site owners here. Two of my favorite page load testing sites are:

This tools not only measure your speed, but also give you tips and suggestions in areas that you could help you page load speed.

Go on, test your URL. What was your score?

{photo credit DaGoaty on flickr.com}