Why is Pinterest so popular?


There is certainly a lot of discussion going around about the new social media phenom called Pinterest. Some don’t get why or how it could be so popular. While others are just writing it off.

To me, their approach is genius. Just think back a few years when Facebook hit the scene. Everyone loved the pictures. And even today people spend hours a day looking at pictures posted by their friends AND frenemies. We’ve all seen the movie – Facebook started as a photo comparison site.

So what has Pinterest done right? They only do photos! Facebook has grown into much more than sharing pictures, and with great success. Pinterest isn’t trying to be the new Facebook, it stays in a single niche. The interface makes it easy to use and it integrates well with the big TWO social media sites (facebook and twitter). Pinterest isn’t trying to be Facebook (a la Google+), it is trying to be Pinterest, a photo sharing site.

Now I am not here to say Pinterest is for everyone, but I do think it does one thing very well. That one thing is something most people love – PHOTOS!