Why is Pinterest so popular?


There is certainly a lot of discussion going around about the new social media phenom called Pinterest. Some don’t get why or how it could be so popular. While others are just writing it off.

To me, their approach is genius. Just think back a few years when Facebook hit the scene. Everyone loved the pictures. And even today people spend hours a day looking at pictures posted by their friends AND frenemies. We’ve all seen the movie – Facebook started as a photo comparison site.

So what has Pinterest done right? They only do photos! Facebook has grown into much more than sharing pictures, and with great success. Pinterest isn’t trying to be the new Facebook, it stays in a single niche. The interface makes it easy to use and it integrates well with the big TWO social media sites (facebook and twitter). Pinterest isn’t trying to be Facebook (a la Google+), it is trying to be Pinterest, a photo sharing site.

Now I am not here to say Pinterest is for everyone, but I do think it does one thing very well. That one thing is something most people love – PHOTOS!

  • And they do ’em BIG too.  And make them easy to browse/share.  Things like Flickr have been around for years, but it never seemed (to me) that those sites were set up like a true social experience.  Maybe I just didn’t get it…but Pinterest makes a ton of sense to me. 

    Aaaaand, sort of shows the importance of using nice big photos with all of our content…

    • eppand

      totally agree on the social _experience_ aspect.

  • I’d like to disagree.  Instagram does photos.  Pinterest does photos that are related to crafts, diy projects, marketing aspects.  There is a story behind the photo.  The photo isn’t of their friends.  Facebook connects you to the personal people in your life, where as pinterest connects you with other people (you may or may not know) that are passionate about what you are passionate about.  

    Photo streams like flickr, picaso have been around and did very well too (both were acquired for large sums) but Pinterest does NOT do the same things as a photosharing site does.

    • Anonymous

      Andrew, I have always viewed Instragram the other photo streams as an arena to share my photos, my content. I see Pinterest as being much more “social” with the sharing, liking, repin, etc. Seems like it’s less about my stuff and more about the community. I am certainly not discounting the other photo sites. They all have a place. I just feel that Pinterest creates an environment around the photo. I use Picasa Web.

      I believe another hurdle for Instagram is that it is iPhone specific. I might be wrong, but don’t know of an Android app for it.

  • Basically, the connection to what people are passionate about is why Pinterest is so big.  Photos are just the best way to display it…  

    but it’s not “photos” it’s whats behind the photos… i.e. the craft.  


  • I was instantly attracted to Pinterest because it lets me organize links to things I am interested in visually.  It’s much easier for me, as a visual gal, to browse back through images than through bookmarks on my browser.  Plus, I love looking at pretty pictures!